General Sponsorship Fund
ISME reserves 30,000 EURO annually to sponsor events and/or educational efforts dedicated to the field of Microbial Ecology. Proposals should be submitted to the ISME Office by sending the ISME Sponsorship Application Form. Additional information, such as an event proposal/outreach activities and budget, will strengthen the application.

These funds are accessible to members and may also be used for special projects initiated by the ISME Office and/or the ISME Executive Board. ISME Office presents final event plans, with budget as delivered by main initiator/organizer. Decision is made by the ISME Board, payment upon written confirmation from the ISME Office. 

Please note that in even years, when ISME holds its own symposium, fewer sponsorships will be accepted. The ISME funds will then be used to enable delegates to join the ISME symposium. 

Please consider our requirements on the application form carefully before applying the proposal.