---- Award winners will be announced in an online award ceremony on Thursday 23 November 2023, 18 - 19 CET ----

In addition to presenting the winners, the ceremony will include presentations by keynote speakers:

  • Lene Lange, Professor Biotechnology from Denmark
  • Renee Davis, R&D Director in Fungi Perfecti
  • Colin Averill, Researcher from ETH Zurich 
  • David Quist, Co-founder of NoMy
  • Tarun Nayar, renowned biologist gone artist, who will play music from fungi

The ceremony will be hosted virtually via https://www.futureisfungi.org/award-ceremony

Newly launched award wants to uncover the wonders of fungi

Fungi, the hidden heroes of the natural world, hold immense potential as the solution to some of humanity's most critical environmental challenges. From combating climate change to regenerative agriculture, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable product alternatives, fungi offer a myriad of possibilities for a more sustainable future.

Located in Stockholm, two entrepreneurs have set out to shine a light on, and accelerate it's potential in a newly founded award - "The Future is Fungi Award".

Susanne Gløersen, one of the co-founders/the key initiator, elaborates:
"Despite the progress made, we have only scratched the surface of unlocking the true power of this remarkable kingdom. The untapped potential of fungi calls us to delve deeper into their mysteries and explore the vast opportunities they present. In recognition of the groundbreaking research and innovative applications of fungi for environmental solutions, we are proud to announce the launch of The Future is Fungi Award."

The award aims to honor and uncover frontier and cutting-edge science that explores the utilization of fungi for addressing environmental challenges. By bringing these advancements into the spotlight, the aim is to elevate emerging areas of fungi research and start-up innovations, unveiling their potential to transform our world.

Susanne Gløersen, continues:
"Our primary goal is to inspire further research and innovation in the bottomless field of fungi. Real-world problems demand real-world solutions, and we seek to accelerate the commercialization of fungi research, bringing its solutions out of the lab and into practical implementation. By harnessing the power of fungi and accelerating our transition to a more sustainable and regenerative path, we can work towards a brighter future for our planet."

The aim of the award is to highlight such groundbreaking solutions that leverage fungi to address environmental challenges. By recognizing the pioneers behind these innovations, the people behind the award hope to inspire others and foster further exploration in this transformative field.

"We invite researchers, scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs from around the globe to submit their pioneering work for consideration. Together, let us push the boundaries of what is possible and pave the way for a more sustainable, regenerative, and fungi-inspired future", Susanne rounds off.

The Future is Fungi Award is granting both a research and a start-up award of €10.000 each.
For further information, submission guidelines, and updates about The Future is Fungi Award go to https://www.futureisfungi.org/

Susanne Gløersen, co-founder of The Future is Fungi Award