ISME serves the wider-community and seeks to help and promote microbial ecology in all aspects. But ISME is also thé members' association to join when you work in the field of microbial ecology. Why? Because being a member makes you part of a global network and community where you can easily connect with your peers, place events or jobs within the field and get discounts to our events plus access to our publication.

Our goal is to serve microbial ecologist and the wider community by supporting research and education. We strive to be open and approachable by keeping members updated via our newsletters and sharing all our reports online. Below you can find an overview of our goals and products:

3 Key Activities of ISME

  • The Society

Anyone with an interest in Microbial Ecology can become a member. For more information about the memberships and its benefits please click here

The society enjoys close collaborations with other key scientific organizations, and has established effective scientific interactions in all geographical regions through a network of scientific leaders who serve as ISME National Ambassadors.

ISME reaches out to the wider-community, sponsoring/co-organize external events (workshops, meetings, lectures), providing travel grants and other fundings and we focus on under-developed regions in these fundings too. 

  • The Symposia

Organized every two years, the ISME symposia are the largest not-for-profit international meetings addressing the wide range of topics in Microbial Ecology. With an average delegate number of 2200 people representing over 50 countries worldwide we are truly international. At the symposia we display the current trends and topics in microbial ecology by organizing lectures, roundtables, poster viewing sessions and social events, with a break-even budget. The next meeting, ISME19, will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, 2024. We happily invite you to attend!

  • The ISME Journal & ISME Communications

The journals are produced by ISME Publications bv in cooperation with our publisher partner Oxford University Press. ISME J currently holds impact factor 11.0 The journals address interdisciplinary microbial ecology. More about The ISME Journal and ISME Communications. 


Photo credit: Dr. Roland Hatzenpichler, California Institute of Technology, USA

ISME is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Arnhem, The Netherlands (#09191073), RSIN 820279328